Combo Platters

Tamale Combo Platter $10.99 
House-made tamales - your choice of chicken, pork, or vegan. Served with 
Salsas Locas salsa and traditional rice and beans. 
 Sopes Combo Platter $11.99 
Classic sopes filled with chicken, pork, beef, or vegan - your choice! Completed
with lettuce, tomato, sour cream and Salsas Locas salsa. Served with traditional
rice and beans.
 Huevos Rancheros Platter $11.99 
Two eggs. smothered in homemade rancheros sauce, served alongside black 
beans and De Leon's famous corn tortillas. A feast for the eyes and the stomach! 
Taco Platter $10.99
Two tacos, with your choice of chicken, pork, beef, or vegan wrapped in
De Leon's famous tortillas. Served with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and Salsas
Locas salsa. Includes traditional rice and beans.
Carne Asada Platter $11.99
Carne Asada cooked to perfection! Plated with De Leon's famous tortillas, Salsa
Locas salsa and all the trimmings. Also served with traditional rice and beans.
Quesadilla Platter $10.99
A famous De Leon tortilla filled with your choice of meat - chicken, pork, or
beef or vegan and cooked to perfection. Served with fresh tomatoes, lettuce,
cilantro, and Salsas Locas salsa.
Wet Burrito $11.99
Burritos, made fresh to order- with your choice of beef, chicken, pork, or 
vegan. Served with salsa.

Carnitas $10.99 per lb

Chile Relleno $11.99 per lb

Chicken Mole $13.99 per lb

Chicharrones $9.99 per lb

Cactus Salad $9.99 per lb

Rice $2.00 side/ $4.99 lb

Pinto Beans $2.00 side/$4.99 lb

Black Beans $2.00 side/$4.99 lb

Salsa Locas Salsa $4.99 per 12 oz

Corn Tortillas $3.99 for 3 dz

House made tortilla chips $4.99 per pkg

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